Friday, February 28, 2020
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Audio ServicesYour message can hardly be received if it is not heard. Having the right audio system for event is often overlooked when planning a meeting. We will make sure that your attendees can hear every word that is delivered.





Available Equipment:

  • Sound Systems/Speakers
  • Audio Mixers
  • Wireless Microphones
  • Table and Podium Microphones
  • PZM Microphones
  • Conference Microphone Units
  • Digital Audio Record
  • Audio Playback




Visual support for your meeting often has the most impact. Attendees will tend to remember what they see visually. The OM Group has a wide array of video equipment to help you provide the biggest impact while getting your message across. We will pair the correct video for your event whether it takes place in a small boardroom to a large auditorium.


Available Equipment:

  • LCD and DLP projectors
  • Video Playback and Record
  • Cameras
  • Projection Screens
  • Pipe and Drape Support Systems
  • Plasma and LCD Monitors
  • Graphic/Presentation Switchers
  • Laptops

On-site Support

conferenceMany of today’s large companies have their own internal audiovisual support staff to assist with off-site events and meetings. But what if you are not one of those “large companies”?

The OM Group can assist you with the management of the on-site audiovisual support staff. As a meeting planner, you have enough to worry about without the extra worry of the technical aspects of the event. The OM Group has experience with working with a wide variety of venues whether they are small independent meeting facilities or large union hotels.

We can act as your technical partner or as an extension of your company to help you provide a seamless appearance to your clients and attendees.


Audience Response Systems (ARS)

Our ARS systems allow audiences to participate in presentations or lectures by submitting responses to interactive questions using a response keypad. Our audience response system integrates 100% into Microsoft® PowerPoint, making it easy to use with existing presentations. Engage participants, assess learning, gather data, or enhance presentations.

Using an audience response system, your PowerPoint presentations become powerful data collection and assessment tools that collect real-time audience responses and dramatically improve productivity and results for your business or educational organization. Author, deliver, assess and report without ever leaving PowerPoint.


PowerPoint Technical Support

projectorNo other software program is as important to delivering your message as Microsoft’s PowerPoint. The OM Group has Expert PowerPoint Technicians who can help you create a professional looking presentation for any type of event.

They are familiar with all the “ins and outs” of PowerPoint including transition, animations and imbedded video files. From beginning creation to show time, our PowerPoint technicians will be there to assist you.



Perhaps one of the least appreciated aspects of audiovisual support is lighting. Support lighting for your event can have a dynamic impact on the appearance of your set and can often be vital to the success.


Available Equipment:

  • Stage Lighting
  • Video Support Lighting
  • Color LED Lighting